Kape Lola offers single origin coffee from a diverse array of small-scale coffee farmers from many different regions of the Philippines. Our coffee is handpicked and sun-dried, giving them a distinct taste and aroma.

We are the first Filipino coffee business to use Greenpods, a completely compostable coffee pods compatible in all Keurig style brewers,100% eco-friendly coffee that is good for you and our planet.

Our mission is to promote sustainability for our coffee producers and to increase recognition of Philippine specialty coffee in the United States. We are proud to feature small coffee farmers while featuring the first Filipino compostable coffee pod.

  • Benguet Lola Pods

    Region: Benguet - Cordillera Mountains

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  • Davao Del Sur Lola Pods

    Region: Davao Del Sur - Mt. Apo-Talamo Range

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  • Benguet Lola Beans

    Region: Benguet - Cordillera Mountains

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  • Davao Del Sur Lola Beans

    Region:  Davao Del Sur Mt. Apo- Talamo Range