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Benguet Lola Beans - Dark Roast

Benguet Lola Beans - Dark Roast

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The aroma of the dark roast coffee is rich an inviting. The first sip reveals a smooth velvety texture.  The coffee is well balanced, with a subtle acidity that adds a pleasant brightness to the overall flavor profile. As a single origin coffee, the beans have a distinct character that shines through in every cup, providing a unique coffee experience. 

Farmer:  Ma'am Shirley  (G sips farm)

Varietal:  Philippine top Micro Lot.  Bourbon Caturra

Region:  Benguet -Northern Phillippines

Elevation: 1320 MASL

Process:  Washed

Profile Notes: Molasses, Toasted Walnut and Spice

Social Impact: Environmental sustainability, Women's Empowerment, Rural cultural                               revitalization

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